Department of Contact Lens

Contact Lenses

Soft Hydrogels
myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism (≤5D) colored, Keratoconic.

Replacement Schedule
Disposable (1 day)
Six months
1 to 2 years

Extended Wear Contact Lenses (up to 7 days)

Rigid Gas Permeable
myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism (up to 10D), Keratoconic

Replacement Schedule
2 to 4 years


Extended Wear Contact Lenses

Soft Contact Lens

The Soft Contact Lenses are a solution for most of the refractive problems of cornea such us hyperopia, myopia and astigmatism. Besides, soft contact lenses of customized design are used for pathologic conditions of cornea such as early stages of keratoconus. They are the most sensitive type of contact lenses and are very important to follow the replacement schedule of manufacturer. Also they are very comfortable and most patients get used to it very quickly. It is very important to follow the cleaning and storage protocol of manufacturer.

Rigid Gas Permeable

The RGP are design for the correction of cornea abnormalities that can not be corrected with glasses They are safer than older types of Rigid Contact Lens, due to their oxygen permeable properties. The users need more time to get used to wear an RGP that a soft contact Lens, hence it is recommended a schedule for gradual use. They are more durable due to their materials and they don't need very often replacement compared to soft contact lenses. It is very important to follow the store and cleaning protocol although it is less demand than that of soft contact lenses. They have customized design and personal fit.

RGP and Soft Contact Lenses fitting
Customized Contact Lenses are designed following detailed examinations, measurements and studying the cornea topography.

Advantages of this technique

The C.C.L that is designed is fitting to the cornea following a step of 10μm.
Hence is secured the perfect tolerance of Contact Lenses.