For Doctors

In the EL.K.E.TH.O.P you can find the departments of:
Refractive Surgery
Glaucoma (In Co-operation with the University Eye Clinic)
Corneal Transplantation
Department of Contact Lens

In the Refractive Surgery department:
4th generation EXCIMER LASER, ALLEGRETTO of WAVELIGHT, that it allocates particularly high precision EYE TRACKER and presents the better "profile" of excision with less abstraction of Cornea tissue for the same refractive error. The final result is the exceptional precision in the sought correction and the biggest safety. The great improvement in visual quality is due to the fact that Allegretto-Wave technology of Wavelight (Germany) gives the possibility not only to correct myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism but to flatten every single abnormality of the patient's eye as well. In this case the eye is being treated more accurately as a visual system during the operation. We use 8 topography maps in order to achieve a customised refractive correction. For the complete preoperating study and evaluation of all patients the EL.K.E.TH.O.P. allocates the Colvard Pupillometer, and ALLEGRO TOPOLYZER, that includes the programme TOPO-GUIDED. For the creation of biggest precision and individualised Cornea flap the Microkeratome Carriazo Pendular of SCHWIND with various heads

In the department of Glaucoma:
Perimetry is performed with Octopus instrument (Humphrey and Melmont Perimetry at the hospital), tonometry is performed by Goldmann, Pascal and Tonopen Tonometries and pachymetry with Quantel and Accutome pachymeters. Also there is a thickness and number of the nervous fibres measurement system (GDx-VCC).

In order to stabilize progress of Keratoconus and Keratectasia, E.I.T propose the method of UV-Crosslinking. Solution of Ribophlavin Phoshpate (Vitamin B2) is instilled to the cornea for 30mm. Afterwards, cornea is illuminated for 30min using UV-A source. The duration of hole treatment , for each eye, is about an hour.

Department of Corneal Tranplantation:
Corneal Transplantation Center in Alexandroupolis has ensure the approval of Greece Organization for Tranplantations. Is the second transpantation center in Greece following the coresponding department in Heraklion of Crete.

Contact Lens Department:
This department targets to refractive errors that is impossible to be corrected using spectacles. We provide customized Lens (soft, rigid, gas permable, hybridic) in order to corect refractive errors incase of keratoconus, corneal transplantation and other corneal abnormalities.